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A celebration of the Mabel’s War project took place on the 29 March at St. Mary’s Centre, Chester.  Mabel’s War is a partnership project with the Cheshire Military Museum and Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Grosvenor Museum.


The work produced has been put on display at the Military Museum.

The event was an opportunity to thank all those who participated in the project and celebrate the work produced.  The groups involved used the 100 year old note books of Mabel Earp, a volunteer nurse from Cheshire who collected stories, poems, letters and drawings from the soldiers she cared for in the First World War to create four very different pieces of work. 

Manley Primary School became detectives and discovered all about the life of Mabel and looked at the variety of things that had been recorded in her notebooks.  They followed in her footsteps by keeping their own scrapbooks over the last few months.  Each child picked their favourite page which has been used as part of the Mabel’s War display.

West Cheshire College’s Adult Literacy Group worked with poet Dominic Berry to use what they had learnt about Mabel’s life and her work as a nurse during World War One to write poems inspired by what they had found out.  West Cheshire College’s Health and Social Care groups compared the qualities they have in their care work with the qualities they thought Mabel had as a volunteer nurse.  They worked with artist Juliet Staines using different techniques and materials including sewing, ironing and bandages to make their own individual scrapbook pages.  These are all on display at the Military Museum. 

Over ten weeks a group of 7-11 year olds worked with Steph Brocken from Minerva Arts to create a brand new piece of drama based on Mabel’s notebooks using the soldiers’ comments and drawings as inspiration for the piece.

The celebration event included a performance of the finished piece and was followed by a chance to see the other work that has been created as part of the wider Mabel’s War project.  There was also Great War inspired nibbles and free entry to the Cheshire Military Museum to see the Mabel’s War display.

The Mabel’s War digital exhibition will be available to view at the Cheshire Military Museum until 3 June 2014.


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